Travel in Melbourne


The Victorian Croquet Centre (VCC) is located at 65 Nobel Banks Drive, Cairnlea 3023, and is bounded to the east by Ken Jordan Road


VCC is 13 km from Melbourne Airport, a 15 minute drive in off-peak conditions.

The Nearest metro train station is Ginifer, on the Sunbury line and is a 30 to 45 minute journey from the Melbourne CBD, depending on at which station you board the train. The timetable is available here.

From Ginifer station, it is a 2 km walk westward along Furlong Road and Ken Jordan Road to VCC, or a 10 minutes bus ride to the Furlong Road/Cairnlea Drive stop, from where one can walk along Ken Jordan Rd to VCC. The Route 423 bus timetable is here.

All metropolitan public transport, except trams in the CBD “free tram zone”, and much regional public transport requires a Myki Card – cash is not accepted. Myki Card information is available here

Currently (as at 30 July 2022) a mask covering the nose and mouth is required to be worn on public transport.