World Croquet Federation 2022 MacRobertson Shield

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Welcome to our dedicated MacRobertson Shield website, where you will find information about the currect Association Croquet World Championship as well as historical notes.

Association Croquet is a sport played within over 30 countries often described as like 'Snooker on grass'.  Players use their tactical knowledge, physical skill and competitive instincts to improve their game.  The sport is played with a mallet, four balls, six hoops and a centre peg.  The game is a race for each player to complete the course before their opponent.


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This event will be livestreamed daily on the My Sport Live Channel

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2022 Sponsors

The MacRobertson Shield 2022 is supported by the Victorian Government.

We are thankful to Parbery, sponsors of The MacRobertson Shield 2022 livestreaming.