Team Orders and DGrades – 3rd Series

DGrades in Orange indicate players with a DGrade less than the next player in order. Where the difference is 100 or more the DGrade shows in Red.

The New Zealanders Felix Webby (Day 1) and Aaron Westerby (Day 2) have both tested positive for Covid. They will not be allowed to play again until they have tested negative twice, and the matches they miss will be cancelled. It remains to be seen if any others have been infected. Get well soon guys, the event will miss you.

Changes to the England order: James Death to 5th (grade enforced), and Jamie Burch to 1st. Australia, New Zealand and United States of America singles orders remain unchanged.

The winner of the Australia v. England Test wins the Shield.



AUS Player 1 Player 2 Grade
S1 Robert Fletcher 2,790
S2 Malcolm Fletcher 2,560
S3 Edward Wilson 2,411
S4 Dwayne McCormick 2,450
S5 Stephen Forster 2,427
S6 Ian Dumergue 2,367
D1 Stephen Forster Ian Dumergue 2,397
D2 Robert Fletcher Dwayne McCormick 2,620
D3 Malcolm Fletcher Edward Wilson 2,486
Singles Avg: 2,501
Singles St. Dev.: 156

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ENG Player 1 Player 2 Grade
S1 Jamie Burch 2,614
S2 Harry Fisher 2,525
S3 Mark Avery 2,520
S4 Samir Patel 2,482
S5 James Death 2,466
S6 Christian Carter 2,439
D1 Samir Patel Christian Carter 2,461
D2 Mark Avery Jamie Burch 2,567
D3 James Death Harry Fisher 2,496

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NZ Player 1 Player 2 Grade
S1 Paddy Chapman 2,653
S2 Jenny Clarke 2,506
S3 Aaron Westerby 2,481
S4 Felix Webby 2,419
S5 Edmund Fordyce 2,372
S6 Greg Bryant 2,340
D1 Paddy Chapman Edmund Fordyce 2,513
D2 Greg Bryant Felix Webby 2,380
D3 Aaron Westerby Jenny Clarke 2,494
Singles Avg: 2,462
Singles St. Dev.: 113

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USA Player 1 Player 2 Grade
S1 Matthew Essick 2,572
S2 Zack Watson 2,429
S3 Ben Rothman 2,413
S4 Stephen Morgan 2,304
S5 Thomas Balding 2,345
S6 Jeff Soo 2,274
D1 Thomas Balding Jeff Soo 2,310
D2 Matthew Essick Zack Watson 2,501
D3 Ben Rothman Stephen Morgan 2,359
Singles Avg: 2,390
Singles St. Dev.: 108

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